Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We met a celebrity and I turned into total creeper...

Somehow, Nicole and I talked our guys into giving us an extra girl's night this month.

We decided to use it wisely.

We headed up to the big city and stood in line for five hours to meet this lady...

The Pioneer Woman was in our neck of the woods and of course when we found out, it only took us two seconds to decide to go.

It was crazy.

The book signing was to start at 7:30pm. We got to Borders at 6:00pm and it was already a mad house. They gave everyone a wristband with a color and a letter A-J on it. We were green (the second color) E. Luckily since it was completely packed, they decided to start an hour early. If they didn't, we would probably still be standing there at this moment.

My pictures of the crowd does not do it justice. I will give Borders props because you didn't have to actually stand in line the entire time. You just waited around till they called you color and letter and then you went to stand in line. So, Nicole and I found a comfy spot near some creepy cat books and settled in for the night.

Luckily, we had a lot to talk about and to be honest, the time went by really fast.

We also got a chance to meet Bakerella. Nicole was a complete dork and afraid to ask her for her picture. Of course then I went and asked for her.

The dork also went to the bathroom while I held down our seats next to the scary cat books. Who does she run into? The Pioneer Woman herself. Of course she froze and just stared at her. The Pioneer Woman said "hi" and she manged to spit out a "hi" back. Unfortunately, she didn't have her camera with her in the bathroom, but if she did, we might have been asked to leave.

At 10:45pm, we made it to the front of the line finally.

Of course through out the night, we debated on what to say to the queen of blogging.

Maybe it was the fact that I hadn't ate since 11am that morning or maybe because I had been up since 4am? Whatever it was, I got nervous and turned into a total creeper when I met her. I told her that her voice didn't sound anything like I thought it would and then I blurted out "your pretty." Completely creeper, right? I finished it up with telling her how she was the first celebrity we had ever met. Of course Nicole helped me out by saying not a single word to her.

We're complete dorks.

Of course, she was very nice and said thank you and that she wasn't a celebrity. I told her she was "on the top of my blog list." Wow, I have a way with words.

We also got to meet her sister and friend. They were nice enough to sign our books too.

And it's dangerous to sit in a Borders for five hours because you"ll end up spending $20 on a five inch Olivia doll for your baby Olivia...

What can I say? I'm a sucker.

Thanks Nicole for going with me! I had a great time and so glad we decided to go!

Oh, and if you haven't already went and bought her cookbook, I highly recommend it. It is seriously the most beautiful cookbook I've ever seen. The pictures are beautiful and it tells the story of life on the ranch. Plus, it's stuff you actually want to eat. The night I bought it I stayed up past midnight reading the cookbook. It's that good. I'm hoping after the book tour ends, she'll start working on number two.


Jen said...

What a fin girl's night!!!! I am a sucker for meeting authors so I would have stood in line too. And I would have bought the Olivia doll. Lets face it..now that we have kids..we will be coming home with stuff like this all the time from now on. Haha! You look fanastic by the way!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like fun - even if you did struggle with the foot in mouth thing a couple of times. (o: How fun that you went and got to meet her though!

Philip Ball said...

Okay so I'm totally jealous you got to meet Pioneer Woman!! I've been meaning to check to see if she was coming to Atlanta and totally forgot. :( My friend Olivia got to see her in Chicago and said she was really sweet.

Seems like we read the same kinds of blogs I thought I would tell you some of my favorites in case you hadn't read them. One my favorite decorating blogs in Thrifty Decor Chick. She does things that I can't even screw up and her favorite paint is spray paint. :) Then some funny ones are Cake Wrecks, Because I Said So and People of Walmart which isn't really a blog but gives me a good laugh.

Thanks for the kind encouraging works on my blog! I'm doing good so far just trying to get into a routine. I hope Ms. Olivia is giving you some rest these days oh and thanks for the shout out on your blog I'm a totally dweeb and had to show my husband. :)