Thursday, December 10, 2009

If walls could talk (Part 2)

We were home for an hour before she woke up and realized we were home.

I know I'm a horrible parent, but the first lesson I've learned about motherhood is you do what you got to do.

I was planning on posting this tomorrow, but the hubby is making me wait till tomorrow to share my exciting news with everyone. So come back tomorrow.

And no, I'm not pregnant again!


Philip Ball said...

LOL! I actually did this too with Sophia. I brought her home from one of her doctor appointments carried her upstairs in her carseat..put her in her room and shut the door. She slept for about an hour like that. :) I hope you are doing well.

The Popes said...

Yup, the first rule of Motherhood I ever learned was "never wake a sleeping baby...EVER."

The Browns said...

I see your using the Dr. Brown's bottles. That is all we've bought so far. Does Olivia like those? I was just wondering b/c we are going to have our little boy soon & I wanted to know if the babies took to them well :D Thanks!