Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"If TLC calls us to do a reality show, hang up immediately."

Dear TLC (the learning channel),

What's the deal?

First it was John & Kate..

Then it was the father & son from American Chopper...

And now, it looks like Matt & Amy from Little People, Big World are heading to divorce court?

All this season we've watched them do nothing but fight. On last night's episode, Amy even made a reference to the fact she didn't know what the future held for their marriage. Um, I think I remember Kate saying that right before she announced their divorce. Is it in their contracts that they have to separate at some point and time during the running of their show? Seriously, your not batting a thousand with couples staying together.

All I have to say...Little Couple...RUN before it's too late!!!

If Jim Bob & Michelle announce their divorce next season, it means the world is coming to an end.

If that happens, I swear I will never watch your channel again.

Some advice: If TLC calls you to do a reality show, hang up the phone immediately!


The Glovers said...

The father and son from that motorcycle show divorced...weird.

Jennifer said...

TLC does have some weird shows - though I LOVE the Duggars and their big family. They're fun!

My husband says we should be Todd and Jenn plus ten! I don't think so!

Amber said...

The father and son on American chopper no longer work together. They got a work divorce.

Jenn-ha...I'm right there with you...uh, no way!

Kameron said...

So true! I don't think anyone can last having their faults on film at all times! I think the Duggars would kick TLC to the curb before they let it affect them though!

Becky said...

LOL! I am sure Jim Bob and Michelle would NEVER get a divorce!