Monday, December 7, 2009


To say I have an obsession with real estate is an understatement. I am constantly looking at what's for sale in the neighborhoods we like. You can drive me through my favorite neighborhoods and I can tell you how much their asking for every house that's for sale, the stats for the house, and what others sold for in the past. I'm dead serious on this. My husband will vouch for me. It's a gift.

I even memorize these things when we're not looking for a house. We've decided that since our lease is up in January to start looking for a house again. I know this is only the twentieth time we've said we're buying a house, but this time's its for real (the tax credit has a little something to do with it). Yes, I'm sure our real estate agent rolls his eyes when he sees one of us call. Luckily, he's a old friend (meaning old in the fact we've known him a long time, he would be mad if I was calling him old).

Before David started working at the waffle, we looked at houses in the town we're currently living in. We never dreamed he would eventually be working down here. We looked at a house that I feel in love with, but we had no money at all, so it was just a dream. Well, that house is back on the market.

I'm in love with this house. I have seriously driven by it frequently these past four years since I've first saw it. It's got a ton of room and would fit a growing family. It's 100 years old and has so much character to it. It has stained glass windows, a big bay window with a window seat, a sun room, and the list goes on. The pictures don't do it justice. I pulled them off the mls site.

The big black window is open to the staircase.

The family room and dinning room are a nice size.

Every room (besides the kitchen and baths) has a fireplace in it.

This is one of the issues with the house...

The kitchen needs a total rehab, but has a ton of potential. The people who bought it last bought it as a foreclosure and tried to rehab it. They did a pretty crappy job and wanted way too much for it. It's a foreclosure again. Unfortunately, we also think it has some foundation issues. That of which can be pretty expensive and money we don't have.

Oh well, maybe one day...I'll keep dreaming.

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Jennifer said...

What a beautiful house!! I"ve always wanted to live in a house like that - older with character (yet updated too!) Keep never know!