Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Night Ramblings

  • First...I knew y'all would all be jealous of my kid's awesome Santa picture. Sorry, I can't help it my child has no fear of a fat man with a beard and a red suit. Just kidding....seriously, she likes anyone who will hold her and I was amazed it turned out that good. I don't expect it to happen again till she's like six or something. Secondly, the Christmas cards came from good ol' wal-mart.
  • It's December 18th and I'm happy to report that I am officially done with Christmas shopping!!!!!! This is the earliest I've ever gotten my shopping done. My mom and I waded out in the pouring rain today while David kept OK home and took over mommy duties for the day. Thank you honey! Your the best!
  • The Baby Wise sleeping tactics are still going well. She's slowly starting to break down. Last night she went to bed at 8pm and slept till 4:30am. I did get up and feed her even though we're trying to cut out the middle of the night feeding. The last bottle she had was at 6pm and even I cannot go that long without food. She then slept till almost 9am. Amazing!!! Sorry, I'll stop boring y'all with my child's sleeping issues.
  • I've now found a new use for kitchen counter-top samples....coasters! I told David that I'm going to home depot to steal a few more in the same pattern so I have a matching set.
  • Tonight I finally had to hit the "mark all as read" button on my google reader : (
  • I was reading on another blog about someone who googled themselves. I decided to give it a shot. Thankfully nothing came up about me....whew! I then decided to google my maiden name. I had the realization that I've been saying Mabrey long enough now, that my maiden name now sounds funny to me.
  • We're watching Julie & Julia right now and the hubby is cracking up over all the blog references. I guess he's seeing some similarities?

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