Friday, December 11, 2009

The Mabreys on the move (again)...

For many weeks (okay, months) we've been debating what would be best for our family. Should we wait till David's job moves us again or should we stay put where we're at for awhile?

For years now we've been saying we'll go wherever they send us. When we found out we were pregnant, we started to be a little hesitant. But now that she's actually here, we're really not sure we want to move. Over the last few weeks, we've been having this discussion on a daily basis. We're both decided that for right now, we want to stay put near our family and friends.

A few weeks ago, we decided to look at houses again. We've never owned a home of our own, so the tax credit was a big incentive. Our plan was to wait till January, but you know I would go and start looking. Of course, I found and fell in love with a house quick. We went to look at it twice and we both ended up falling in love. David wanted to still wait till January, but I (and a few others) pushed him to go ahead with it.

Yesterday, they accepted our offer, the contract was signed, and we're set to be homeowner's in January.

(I'm assuming it's safe to post a picture since it's in the back of a neighborhood.)

Seriously, this is my dream house (besides an old farm house that's already fixed up). It's a foreclosure and we are stealing it. I won't tell you how much, but you wouldn't believe me anyway. We got the deal of the century. Even our Real Estate agent was shocked they took the price we offered.

This house is meant to be ours. We've lived in several different houses over the years and both worked in real estate for several years. With all that experience, we developed three list. We have a A, B, & C list. The A list is things the house must have or we won't even look at it. The B list is things we would like, but would look at houses that didn't have them. The C list is just stuff we dream about. This house has everything on all three of our list. It's meant to be.

So, needless to say, we're super excited.

This years blog post were all about the joys (haha, I crack myself up) of pregnancy. Be prepared, I'm sure 2010 will be all about the house.


The Browns said...

We just moved into our first house the beginning of November. We love our new house & there are things we want to change over the years. But, that is the great thing about being a can change them! I wish you all the best & hope everything goes smooth with your closing & move. Because ours was a PAIN! We had a re-hab, construction loan on top of the regular loan & we STILL don't have a fridge. It has been the biggest mess.

Lindsey said...

Such big news!
Its a gorgeous house.

Jennifer said...

What awesome news! Congrats on the house - it's beautiful! Hope you show pictures of the inside soon!