Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am absolutely miserable. My allergies are killing me. My nose is stuffed up but running all at the same time. I haven't been able to breath out of my nose for the past 36 hours. I've blown my nose so much, it's now raw and hurts. When at work today, my boss looked at me at one point and said there was no way I had that much snot in me. Of course, I just kept on blowing.

The best part is, I cannot take anything! It's one of the joys of pregnancy. Your medication list is very limited.

There are only three things I can take...Tylenol Sinus, Benadryl, and Sudafed. So far the Tylenol Sinus medicine makes me just feel worse and the Benadryl works but makes me drowsy & fall asleep at my desk. So that leaves me with Sudafed. I've never taken it in the past so pray that it helps.

Lord, please help me! I need some relief!

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