Friday, April 10, 2009


We decided a few weeks ago that we were no longer going to share baby names until we found out what it is. Reasons being...

1. We were tired of people looking at us with a cocked head look (if you have a dog you know what I talking about) and then saying "okay."

2. Then people proceeding to give us suggestions on names they like even though we didn't ask for suggestions.

3. Plus, we were throwing around several names and of course having people tell us which of those they liked and which they didn't. We wanted to just wait till we had completely decided.

So, a couple weeks ago we had officially decided on names for both a boy and a girl because I wanted to have both decided on when we find out in a couple of weeks. Of course after we decided, we went back and forth on the girls name. But now it's been officially decided. Basically, I picked out the girls name and David picked out the boys and of course we both like each of them.

For a Girl: Olivia Kate
For a Boy: Grayson Cash

So, please no more suggestions on names and no more funny looks. Plus, when you ask parents what they plan on naming their child, don't tell them you don't like the name or start to make suggestions (unless they ask for your suggestions) because its rude and annoying.


Elizabeth said...

You tell it, girl!! I don't blame you. When people look at me like I am crazy for wanting to name our little boy Jonathan Taylor (Thomas)...hehe, JTT....I just wanna make say Hush!! WINK. I love the names. :)

The Popes said...


I love those names!

I can already see them monogrammed all over the place!