Monday, April 13, 2009


Friday night Aubry and I headed out to the sold out Sugarland concert. I am a huge Sugarland fan and I know all the words to all their songs. They are probably my absolute favorite band. In fact, their CD Love on the Inside which came out last summer is still in my car's CD player at the moment.

We had seen them once before in concert when they opened for Kenny Chesney a few years ago, but this was the first time we saw them headline. They did not disappoint. The concert was awesome. They are a group that does not just put on a concert, they put on a show. The show had lots of theatrical elements and Jennifer Nettles is all over the stage. Her personalty really shines on stage and she makes it fun to watch. Plus, that girl can sing.

I keep trying to get a picture of her and Christian but they were all over the stage and wouldn't stand still together long enough for a picture.

One of the cool things they did was give everyone a bottle of bubbles and a glow stick when you walked in. During one song, they had a huge bubble machine that sent bubbles all over the place and everyone was blowing their bubbles. It was kinda neat. Plus, at one point everyone had their glow sticks out and it looked really cool.

Not the best picture, but you get the point. Times this picture by ten and it looked like thousands of fireflies all over the arena. Very neat idea. They even did a rendition of the B52's Love Shack. It was great and they had everyone up and dancing the entire time throughout the concert.

Overall, we had a great time. Well worth the $50.

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