Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break Update

Just when you thought it was safe to complain about nothing to do on Spring Break...I have ended up being busier than I thought.

After a weekend of sun and rain, I woke up on Monday with a visit from the morning sickness monster. I had been feeling pretty good the last few weeks. But it resurfaced a few times over the last week or two. Monday I woke up feeling alright but as soon as I ate breakfast, it was over. After a few hours of being sick, I finally got enough energy to drive up to the Waffle and have David fix me some eggs. I was finally able to keep those down and came home to sleep the rest of the afternoon. I started feeling better that evening and we headed over to our friends the Pope's to meet their new little one Karmen. She is adorable and has the sweetest little grin. After taco's and ice cream I was miserable from eating way to much. Sadly, we were in bed by 9:30pm.

Tuesday ended up being a busy day with a few unexpected (but always welcomed) guest. I started the day early at wal-mart. I love wal-mart at 8am in the morning. It's so peaceful and you can actually walk around and look at stuff without being pushed out of the way. It's one of my favorite places if I go at that time. I then had a quick visit from Aubry who was on her way to school. We caught up on the past few days since we haven't seen each other since Friday. After she left, I got a call from my grandmother Meme and Aunt Sylvia who were in the area shopping. I was able to meet them for a quick lunch. I hadn't seen them in a few weeks so it was great catching up with them. That evening my grandma and granddaddy came down for dinner and like always we had a great time with them. We had a night full of food and talking and once again I went to bed full and miserable. Plus, I was exhausted after my long day.

Today there is not much planned. So I guess I will take it easy. Tomorrow I am meeting up with my mother-in-law to start looking at baby furniture! We rearranged the house last weekend to start clearing out for the nursery. Hopefully, in two weeks we can really start to make plans!

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