Thursday, April 16, 2009

Its all who you know...

Monday I received a phone call from my OB that the doctor I was scheduled to see had a death in the family and she would not be there. I had the option to reschedule or keep my appointment and see a different doctor. Being that I was already off I opted to keep my appointment and just see another doctor. I had a question for the receptionist and we got off on a different conversation.

Later that night, I received an automated voice mail that reminded me of my visit this Wednesday at a different office than I normally go to. My fault lies in the fact that I didn't call to check on this voice mail the next day. This has happened before and the last time I called they informed me that the automated call was wrong and to go to my normal office. So I get there yesterday morning and they inform me I was to be seen at the Jonesboro office. Go figure...this is what I get when I assume.

After a few minutes of talking with the lady at the front desk. She keeps trying to put the mistake on me. I informed her that when the lady asked me if I wanted to keep my appointment, she never informed me I would have to go to a different office. I of course was getting upset by then and started crying that I had already taken off work and blah, blah, blah. She informs me I can go to the other office that afternoon. I personally didn't think that was fair, since I had already drove 40 minutes to her office and would have to drive another 40 minutes to the other office and it was their mistake. She informs me that the doctor in the office was swamped and there was no way he could see me today. There was not a single person in the freakin office and normally the place is packed.

After a few minutes of pregnant lady meltdown. She tells me that maybe she could talk to the Doctor and see if he can fit me in. She then pulls up my file on her computer. I'm thinking it's to check to see if I had insurance before she bothered the doctor. Suddenly she looks up at me and says "the doctor can see you now." I told her don't worry I would just come back next week, I didn't want inconvenience anyone. She says no and then whisk me to the back to start my appointment.

After the weigh in and blood pressure, they put me in the exam room and the nurse pulls up my file again on the computer. This time I can read what it says. "Daughter-in-law of _____ MD at _____Hospital. This is the first thing that automatically pops up when they pull my file and they have to read it and click ok to move on.

This completely shocked me. They would have never went ahead and saw me if it wasn't for this. I don't know why, but it kinda irritated me. I know that most medical offices, though they would never admit it, show preferential treatment to those with insurance than those without. But I was shocked to see that information on my file. It has just really bothered me. I guess in the long run it's probably a good thing for me, but still. Its just the whole principal of the matter.

Other than that, the appointment went well. I have only gained two pounds in the last month and my blood pressure was good. The baby's heartbeat was going strong and this time the doctor found it right away. The doctor said he was happy with my progress and I was right were I needed to be. So all that was good news. He said that I should be able to find out the sex of the baby next week. He said the specialist were good at finding out the sex (whatever that means). If not, I get another shot on May 5th.

This just has made me start wondering what else they put on those files. I'm sure if your a complainer or always calling or something, it says it on your file. You might wanna stop and think about it because evidently it will determine what kinda treatment you get.

Sorry, the whole thing has just bothered me.

Oh yeah for the record, my MIL is not a MD. She is a RN who works with the MD who entered in the info. Evidently DIL of MD on your file gets you into the office.

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