Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend 2009

This past weekend was a crazy one for us. We had a few ups & downs and unexpected happenings. Thankfully, it's all over now...

Friday night, David's car blew it's engine. We knew this was coming. We were already planning on buying a new car at the end of the year. We were just praying that his jeep would last till then. He drives A LOT for his job and needed a car that can stand up to the daily abuse. Unfortunately, when his car broke down, I was over an hour away at the Sugarland concert and my Aunt & Uncle who live ten minutes down the road were out of town. To make things funnier, my car was at their house but he had no keys to them. So he had to wait over two hours till his daddy & mommy could get there to get him and the car.

The good news is the car is dead! I hated that stupid Jeep from day one. Yes, he could probably fix it but he doesn't have the time right now and fortunately I was able to convince him just to go ahead and buy a new one since he was already going to do that later this year. Saturday we went and looked at cars. After stopping a few places, we went and saw our car guy that we usually buy our cars from. Luckily he had something David liked. It was late when we finally decided what he wanted to do so they couldn't finish the deal till Monday. We've already already talked to them this morning and everything is good to go. They are cleaning up the car now and we are going to pick it up and sign the papers when David gets off work. Luckily, since David needed a car this morning, I got to extend my Spring Break an extra day. I'm not complaining...that stupid Jeep finally did some good for me.

Saturday morning, David also had his interview for his next promotion. We had been nervous about this for the past few weeks because they (his bosses) we're acting funny about the whole situation and rumors were flying high at the WH, so we were afraid we would have to move soon. Something we weren't ready for right now. His interview went fantastic. Like always, he has exceeded their expectations. They want to keep him in their area, but right now they have nothing open, so for now we're staying where we are. We were excited about this. He does want to be promoted, but just not right now. They told us to expect it within the next year which fits more into our timeline. So for now we have plenty of time to prepare to move. We were happy with the decision and we were both relieved.

After a rocky start to the weekend, we had a nice Easter to finish the weekend up. David had to work of course, but I went to church with my Aunt & Uncle and the headed over to their house for lunch. Later that afternoon I headed home to pick up David and we headed to his grandparents. We ate way too much (like always) and had a great time seeing everyone. It was a nice end to the crazy weekend.

The girls (minus KP)

Aubry and Abby

The Pratt Family

Forced profile picture

Didn't know my uncle was such a poser?

Abby got to meet the Easter Bunny

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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Elizabeth said...

So glad your weekend ended up being great after everything that happened. :)
What kind of car did David get??