Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yay Spring!

me + benadryl = me falling asleep at work

Yes, It's officially Spring in Georgia. The yellow stuff is covering everything. No matter has much it rains, it's everywhere. I started feeling it's effects a week ago and finally got fed up enough to go buy something for it.

Being pregnant limits much of the medicines your allowed to take. Benadryl is something I'm allowed to take, so I took the first dose this morning. I did inform my boss and Aubry, whom I share an office with, that if I fall out in the floor it's due to the Benadryl and to not call 911.

So when I laid my head down on my desk for a minute, I was out. They were both nice enough to let me sleep for a bit. I'm not quite sure how long I was asleep. I was only awaken when someone came into the office and started to laugh at me.

I was going to post the rest from our trip to Nashville this weekend, but we had a bit of a scare in the family yesterday and that threw my day off a bit. I might get around to it later. I'm really just not up to it now.

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