Thursday, April 9, 2009


-My biggest fear during this whole pregnancy is that I will gain too much weight. Vain, I know.

-I like SpongeBob SquarePants and when no one's home I watch it.

-Even though I would love to be known as a wonderful housewife, majority of the time I would rather go out to eat rather than fixing a nice home cooked meal for my husband.

-I have a tattoo I got at age 15. Big Mistake. Enough said. No questions please.

-A few people want to be in the delivery room when this baby is born and though I did not right out say no, I'm pretty sure I don't want anyone in there but David.

-I made David stock up on enough uniforms for work so that I can go twelve work days without doing laundry.

-I am dying to know if the baby is a boy or girl. If I don't find out in two weeks I might go crazy. I am dying to buy something for the baby.

-Speaking of baby, I'm convinced it is a boy. Not sure why?

-The other night I put in too much water in the hamburger helper I was making so it would turn out gross and we had to go out to eat. We ate taco bell instead.


siddharth said...
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Elizabeth said...

LOL...The whole Hamburger helper?? That totally sounds like something I would do! Hahaha.

The Popes said...

I have been hounding Andrew to buy more uniforms FOREVER!

And I had NO idea you had a tatoo!