Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Big Question

For some reason, I been asked a lot lately what is it exactly I do? In fact, this question has come up about three times just in the last week. To clear up any confusion, I'll explain. If asked this and the hubby is around, the response you will get is "she shops." Though this is true to an extent, I actually am on some one's payroll (and it's not his). Of course most of the time I am at school. I once again am a full time college student so, that is where 80% of my time is spent. I am taking a full load of classes and spend four days a week at school. I am in class five hours a day and that doesn't include study time. Many people have referred to the fact that I don't work anymore, but that is not true. I do actually have a job.

I am actually a part-time employee for a local school system and I do actually go to work one day a week. Last October when I did actually start back at school full time, I did put my notice in to leave work completely, but when it came down to it, I couldn't do it. I chickened out. I have a big issue with security. The hubby makes a good living and works for a stable company, but with the economy in the state it is, nothing is guaranteed. In fact they are on a firing streak as we talk. Though I do not believe he is going to be fired anytime soon, I had to have the security of knowing that if something were to happen, at least we had something coming in. I couldn't give up that security, not during a time like this. That is just my own personal issue and feelings. So, I did not quit working...I do have a job and do go to a job every week. Plus, when I'm out of school I do go to that job everyday.

So what do I do? That's a little harder to explain. I am considered a part-time college student so my schedule fits around my class schedule. It started out as a summer job and I (along with my cousin) were only supposed to work for three months, but almost two years later we are both still there.

What do I do when I am there? Well, the hubby says I go to socialize but that is not entirely true also. I usually am responsible for listing and selling any of the county's surplus items on ebay. By state law, we must sell any unused and surplus items back to the taxpayers. We're not allowed to just throw them in the trash. When I was working full-time, I was solely responsible for all of this, but obviously since I'm not there everyday another part-timer has taken over and I help out with ebay the days I am there. If I'm not doing that, then I am usually helping with the textbook department or helping my supervisor clear off his desk of task he has put off.

That I guess is a quick description of "what exactly I do." I do have a job, I do go to work every week, and I will receive a W-2 at the end of the month (and next year).

So, I hope that clears up any confusion my dear family has had about me.


The Popes said...

You go girl!
Now I'm scared to quit my job!
Andrew better not get fired or we'll be moving in with you guys!

And how about hooking a girl up with some E-Bay action! You posting anything good up there?!?!

Elizabeth said...

"She works hard for the money, so hard for it honey..." :) I say keep your head up, you're doin' good, and it's what makes you happy!

Elizabeth said...

Oh and PS....I noticed the change of the size

Tami W said...

I knew what all you do. So I don't think you was talking about me family. I just can't keep up with which day is school and which is work. Did you find out anything today? You didn't call so I guessed you haven't. Love you!