Thursday, January 22, 2009


~We finally have a contract on a house and we're set to move in next Thursday....Thank you God!

~My husband is driving me crazy lately. It's the little things. I know it's really me and not him.

~I have had no motivation for school this quarter so far. I even skipped class yesterday to go sign the contract on our new house which means I didn't go to school at all this week. With that being said, I did get a 92 on my first Civil Litigation Test.

~Everyone is getting on my nerves with their comments on President Obama. I don't understand why people are freaking out. No, he was not my first choice, but give the man a chance. Maybe he is what this country needs for a change. History lesson...the president doesn't have as much power as what people think, if he did, we would be a monarchy and there would have been no reason for the revolution and a break from Britain. The Congress has all the power...those are the people you should be worried about. Everyone's comments have just gone to show me that it really is about race for a lot of people, which makes me wonder just how far some of us have really come.

~I am so ready for the warm weather. It has been colder here than any other winter that I can remember in my 26 years here. This is not Georgia weather. I cannot wait for Spring and to sit on my new huge screened in porch.

~Last summer at their yearly checkup, the Vet told us to switch the dogs to senior food. For some reason, DW had a problem with that so I started to buy what we call the weight watchers dog food. I decided a few weeks ago to change them back to their old food because we don't go through it as fast as the weight watcher's. Well, I swear Biscuit feels like she weighs fifty pounds now. She is solid and I can barely pick her up to hold her like a baby now.

~We have eaten out all but two meals since the week before Christmas. One of those meals wasn't even at our own house. I am so sick of eating out. I cannot wait to have my own kitchen and to cook nightly dinners.

~I decided to take back the Vera Bradley All-in-One wallet. I exchanged it for the new Sleek Wallet in Cupcake Pink.

~I had to go to work yesterday to start on inventory. In true government style we had issues from the start so I ended up in a four hour meeting. That's government for ya!

~I was told I was a Vera Bradley snob. Unfortunately, I have come to realize that this is true. I look down on those who are carrying a pattern that is from the season before. I am selective about my snobness, it has to be a purse that is from last season. If it is something like a duffel bag or something you don't carry everyday. I won't trun my nose up on you.

~I've decided I want a new car. DW said I had to wait for two years. I'm not sure I can wait that long.

~When looking at the cable companies that have service to our new house. We realized that we only watch the same six channels, History, Discovery, Travel, National Geographic, CMT, and public television. Someone should offer a service where you pay for only the channels you use.

~Yes, we watch Public television. We love it. One day we're going to become supporters of public television, but we're holding out until they offer a really good gift for your donation. The last few haven't been anything we want.

~The dog has farted about five times since I have started typing this. Maybe we should switch back to the old food?

~Moving is expensive and deposits suck.

~My stalker must have finally gotten the hint. She hasn't sent me a text in a week now. Maybe she just found my blog?

~I still cannot decide on a couch yet. I have decided that I am not going to make any sudden decisions and wait until we move in. We're just gonna have to sit on the orange love seat till then.

~I love Valentine's Decor. I love seeing it out in the stores right now.

~A lady passed out at Walmart today while we were in line.

~My BFF Aubs has someone special in her life right now. I love him (so far) and I don't think I have ever seen her this happy. She deserves it more than anyone I know and I hope it last forever for her.


Elizabeth said...

Omg...I don't think I have ever busted out laughing while reading your blog, so loud. The dog farting...Oh my, those are the WORST! And Amber, please don't be snobby to me...I still carry that the tote Mike got me in the Madallion print when he proposed. That's from the season before last..OUCH! :)And I am soooo :) about Aubry...she deserves nothing BUT the best...and if you approve, then I approve! Give her my love!

The Popes said...

I have decided that I am totally OK with you giving me one of your old out of date Vera bags.
I just won't use it around you.
And even if I do, I'm OK with you looking down on me if it means I get a bag out of the deal!

Tami W said...

Amber, You are right about the President. We are to pray for our leaders. That is in the bible. Also as I had to teach Josh in the past we respect the office. We had a vote. And that is wonderful to live in a country that gives us that choice. I was just telling John at dinner about him being Christa's new boss. He didn't know that was her boss. I told him I didn't even. I guessed it and called to ask you. And your mother will be happy to get any of your old bags. Just let me know. Happy about Aubry. I didn't get to talk to you long today. I was very busy signed up 9 people. Great day with Avon. I love you! Liz, you keep carry that bag it is special to you. If you get tired of it I will take it LOL! Love you too.