Monday, January 5, 2009


Yes, I am alive....I received a phone call yesterday informing me that some family members that I didn't even know read my blog, we're concerned with my lack of postings lately. I've learned over the holidays that more people than I realized read my blog. I'm not quit sure if that is a good thing or bad.

To be honest, I haven't even being stalking my blogs that I normally stalk. In fact, I was kinda bummed because I found out some very exciting news about my friend Nicole through the hubby and normally I'm the one keeping him informed with all the family and friend's news. I'm so excited for you Nicole! We've been talking about this day since we first met and now it's finally here! I am so happy for you guys! I'm about to be closer to you also!

These past few weeks have been hectic of course. Christmas was alright. DW worked pretty much all of Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so I was kinda bummed even though I've spent the holiday before by myself. The best part was DW got a call two days after Christmas telling him that he had the highest Christmas day sales in the ENTIRE company. So yeah, I'm bragging on my man. You go boy! I did spend Christmas morning with my family and the afternoon with DW's family. I was extremely blessed in the gift department. I got way more than I deserved this year. But, I was honestly kinda happy to see the holidays go. I really wasn't feeling it this year for some reason.

I did travel up to Richmond to visit my family this year. I love going up to visit. My dad's family is originally from Virginia and still the majority of his family still lives up there. Even though I've never lived up there, it always feels like home for some reason. My Dad's aunt Janie is a wonderful hostess and for whatever reason allows our crazy bunch to crash her house every year and spoils us while we're there. This lady is the most amazing cook I know. Every night (and morning) is a wonderful meal. Also while there, we went and visited the Native American reservation that my Grandmother's family is from and still lives. Its amazing seeing the history and where my great-great-great grandparents were raised. The only pictures I got were on my phone. I plan on going on facebook to steal some of the Pratt's pictures. I'll post when I get done.

In other news with the Mabreys....I start school on Wednesday. I've already bought new notebooks and pens so I am ready for it to begin. Yes, I am the dork that counts down to the beginning of school. Laugh all you want. Plus, I had an extra Christmas present on Christmas Eve...the school had finally posted final grades and I ended up with three A's and one B. So better than I thought. I was pretty stoked. We're also on our house hunt again. We went and looked at a house today and I loved it. It's in the neighborhood I love and it was built in the 1930's, so it is filled with cottage charm. I am in love. The kitchen isn't my ideal, but I guess you can't expect but so much from a 70 year old house. The people are pretty nice and I think they liked us. So, keep your fingers crossed. It is such an Amber house for those who know me. Y'all will love it. I took a picture of the front and I will post it when I get a chance.

DW has off today and tomorrow so we are spending some much needed time together. We headed to our favorite little Gtown and did some major bargain shopping. I introduced DW to the sock shoppe (a discount clothing store) and he introduced me to a thrift store his workers shop at all the time. We ended up with a new $20 couch. It is lovely 70's orange and green striped, but it was really comfy and pretty sturdy. I wish I had taken a picture of us both laid out on this couch in the middle of this store. No, we weren't embarrassed, we had our feet propped up and everything. DW's dad has some experience with upholstery, so he is going to help us with it. I now have a new favorite thrift store and yes, I almost beat up this older black lady for this full length mirror she had. She said she goes there everyday. Lady, share the wealth with the rest of us and I know my flower picture was nice...back off!

So that's all I have now...

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The Popes said...

What thrift store?!?! I NEED to know! (especially since our budget is about to be cut in 1/2 to allow for my exciting news! Until Andrew promotes it's gonna be tight!)
Now hurry up and steal someone's baby or make your own so we can take our kids to the park and they can be BFF's!