Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have a stalker. Yes, you heard me right, a stalker. Last Thursday in my Civil Litigation class, the girl next to me asked if we could exchange numbers in case we needed anything. Of course, I said sure...what was I supposed to say?

The chic will not stop sending me text. Monday night I get my first text. Luckily I was in class and couldn't use the phone, so I waited until I stopped at the Pope's to chat with Nicole and Kira while the guys finished their poker game. So, I responded to her text by keeping it short and sweet. Evidently the girl didn't get my hint and continued to text me the next hour. Of course she asked if we could "meet up" in the library the next day to do our three questions of homework. I responded that I don't live down there so I don't go to school unless I have class so sorry don't count on me. Really, DW had the day off so I wasn't about to waste my day working on homework when the hubby had already promised to take me to ikea.

Tuesday night....another text. By then I was working on my homework and I was just being mean and didn't respond.

Let me explain, I'm not a group work kinda girl. I don't like to share my homework because I don't ask others to share with me. I'm werid, I know. Plus, I hate talking on the phone, so I don't like giving people my number. So, if I don't call you don't be offended, I hate talking on the phone. Their are seriously only four people I can carry on a conversation longer than ten minutes on the phone with, DW, Aubry (my bff), my Mom, and Momma Mabrey (and my dad, so thats five people).

Sitting in class tonight and guess what? Another text from stalker girl. All the text ever say is that she is "freakin out on the homework." First off, it's three short answers. Secondly, it's not rocket science. I'm not going to give you my homework stalker girl so quit asking for it!!! I was nice and went to talk to the teacher about what excatly was due tomorrow. He assured me it was nothing to worry about. I kindly sent her a text letting her know what was due and where to find one of the answers. What happens...she sends me three more text after that. So I just ignore. I get home from class and sit in the living room talking with the parents. When I come back in, look on my phone, and more text have been sent.

It's official....I'm being stalked.

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