Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Update...

~I went and saw Twilight for the third time. Not so good the third time, I laughed and made fun of it the whole time, but I had promised Aubry I would go see it with her when she finished the book. That's what friends are for right?

~Had the most amazing Cinnamon bread sticks at Upscale Pizza.

~Did some major bargain shopping at a weekend warehouse sale. Bought fifty t-shirts, three pairs of shorts, and four pairs of socks for $29.00. Not too shabby.

~Went and looked at another house to rent.

~Had a delicious dinner at the Pope's and played kitchen with Miss. Josie, who by the way, hates DW.

~Woke up Sunday morning with a stuffy nose and the feelings of an oncoming cold. Went back to sleep and didn't get up till 11:30am.

~Washed six loads of clothes (it took two to wash all my new t-shirts)

~Watched movies all day on Sunday since it was yucky outside.

~Ate some of Momma Mabrey's yummy lasagna for dinner Sunday night. It's my favorite!

So that is a short recap of our weekend. Hope everyone had a good one!

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The Popes said...

She doesn't hate him, she just can't figure him out! Why is he wearing her Daddy's clothes?!?