Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Great Debate

Since I am on the subject of couches...I have been debating for the past few months on what type of couch I want to buy. I have narrowed it down to two choices.

I have decided to go with the ikea Ektorp series because 1. it's affordable and 2. it comes with about twenty different slipcover options so if I decide to change decor (which I'm known to do) I can just buy a new slipcover and change looks on the cheap.

My problem is I cannot decide whether to go with the corner couch or the sofa and loveseat.

The living room is kinda small. It's also more long than wide. The corner couch would be great for watching tv and lounging. Plus, it might actually work better for the small living room.

But, I'm afraid that I won't have too many ways to arrange it if I get the rearranging bug. Of course, there is a difference in price, the corner couch being more expensive by a couple of hundred bucks, which could go to other new decor or paint.

I need some opinions...please help!
That also goes to those who I know read my blog and never leave comments.


Tim said...

Hi there Amber,
Good choice on the Ektorp. Don't forget you can also get any of these amazing slipcovers from www.bemz.com for that model:


Dozens to choose from!

Best, Tim
Our blog: http://bemz.typepad.com/itsacoverup/

Elizabeth said...

I like the corner sofa, but I love the basic couch, and loveseat. I think you can make it even more useful than just being able to rearrange it (ex: moving one piece to a different room, wanting to use more than one color slipcover..etc).

The Popes said...

OOO, tough choice. I love the look of a corner couch, plus it adds more room to lay down on. Later, when you have a bigger living room, you can add a couple chairs across from it and have a ton of seating.
The price difference does matter though. You could get a whole lot from IKEA for $200!
Either one will look great! I'd try measuring the space and marking off where each one would go so you can get a feel for how much space will be taken up.

Tami W said...

Hey Baby, I like the corner but, I know you. You want be able to move it around the way you like. What about two chairs not the love seat? What happen to the $20.00 sofa? This is the one you have wanted so the $20.00 wouldn't have made you happy. You would have been fine with it I know not happy. Love you!