Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My uncle's family is in need of some serious prayer.

A quick history...a few years ago, they found out the youngest sister G had colon cancer and she has been battling it for years. Summer of 2007, his father started having several health problems. They found out he had lung cancer, he has diabetes, and has had several heart issues over the past two years. Last summer, his older sister T, found out she had a severe and fast moving breast cancer. The doctors gave her six to eight months to live and only three weeks later, she passed away. We were all in shock and still cannot believe it. Needless to say, this family has had a rough few years with health problems.

Last Friday, his dad was taken to the hospital because he had a diabetic seizure. Once there, the doctors had decided to give him a CAT scan. The results can in on Monday and the doctors have found that the lung cancer has spread into his brain and liver. They have only given him three to six months to live. They sent him home and plan to start radiation today, but that is only to give him a few more months. He has been receiving chemo the past few years but obviously it did not help. So odds are not well the radiation is going to do much.

Obviously we realize what the outcome is going to be. Just keep their family in your prayers, they have yet to even be able to move on from his sisters sudden death this past August.


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Elizabeth said...

I will definitely be praying...