Monday, January 19, 2009


So I got a few questions of what did I decide to go for when I went to buy my new Vera. First, before you all think I am a complete brat...I have been saving my money to buy a new one. Plus, I only bought four Vera's last year which is good for me.

I couldn't decide what I wanted so I got both...I got a cupcake green and a cupcake pink and a wallet to go with each.

The Lisa B in Cupcake Green

The All-in-One Wristlet in Cupcake Green

The Mailbag in Cupcake Pink

The Taxi wallet in Cupcake Pink

They are so cute and I love them all.

Believe it or not there was a line of about twenty people to get into the store when it opened. It was kinda funny...ladies standing in line to buy Vera Bradley purses.

And in case your wondering, Aubs bought a Lisa B in the Cupcake Green with a Taxi wallet to match.


Elizabeth said...

I love your choices. I have already started leaving Mike some suttle hints for Love Day. I want the Hope Garden in either the Lisa B, the Morgan or in one of the Totes....along with a wallet and cosmetic. Hec, I'd take them all! :)

The Popes said...

I'm totally jealous now! I never was really into Vera, but yours was SO cute last night!