Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The House Situation

I haven't said much about the current house situation. The house I feel in love with a few post ago...well, it's ended already. I quickly feel out of love with it. Well, really with it's owner. Luckily, I guess, for the hubby it wasn't love at first sight with him so after nine years, I'm still crushing on him.

I'm not sure if anyone else does this, but I get house crushes. I stalk houses. I am always looking at real estate sites, magazines, or decorating sites for the next house to fall in love with. They are usually quick, only lasting until I find the next one to love. Seriously, it's completely stalker, but I can tell you all the houses for sale in my favorite neighborhood, how long they've been for sale, what the price is, and if its been reduced. I can do this for every house for the last four years since I found and fell in love with the neighborhood. And don't forget the usual facts, of bedrooms and baths, I can recite those facts too. It always amazes the hubby. Crazy, I know.

Anyway, back to our house situation. I won't go into major detail, but the house I previously posted and talked about was ours until the landlord started getting sketchy. Yes, there is a sucker born everyday, but luckily, we're not one of them. First, the guy started making up some fake law which would have required us to pay more money up front. Future reference, you cannot make up random laws when A. one of the signers of the contract is studying law and has easy access to a lawyer. B. Both of the signers happened to work with nothing but real estate contracts for years. They might know a thing or two about real estate laws, so don't go making up stuff. Secondly, the guy wanted us to send him $2200 in the mail with the signed contract. Um, I said, there is a sucker born everyday, we just happen not to be one of them. Good luck with that one buddy!

But, we did have the opportunity to look at a house that is currently for sale and empty and the owners are interested in renting it out since the real estate market is dead right now. It happens to be a friend of a co-worker, so we know the whole situation and know they are not looking to rip anyone off. We went and looked at it last Saturday. They were kinda weary at first, but they loved us and want to do it now. Momma Mabrey went with me to look at it and the lady loved her, so I think she helped us out with it. The house isn't as cute as the other, but it is bigger and the kitchen is nicer. Plus, it has a HUGE screened in porch. It's kinda funny because it is a combination of the house I grew up in and the house DW grew up in. It's your typical 1960's ranch with a carport. It's still in a good section of town and they are including yard service with the rent (which by the way is cheaper than the other house). So, DW was sold when they said that. I called and talked to the lady again today and she said she talked it over with the others and all was good. We can move in the beginnig of Feburary. They were going to send us a little contract to sign and look over and as long as we were okay with that, all is good to go.

So, I'm not going to say it's a done deal yet, but things are looking pretty good so far. Say your prayers and keep your fingers crossed for us. I'm ready for this to all be over with and in our own house again. I'll keep you posted.

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