Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Dear Hubby,

I am still in a little bit of shock from the statement you made to me last night. I'm still wondering how you got the courage to say that to me.

First off, it was YOUR idea to give the renters of our house our old couch. I'm not sure you remember but I recall you said they could have it because YOU did not want to move it. Yes, it was not my favorite couch and yes, I have been saying for years that I wanted a new one, but I would have lived if we kept it a few more years. Once again...YOU said that you didn't want to move it because it was too heavy and it was YOU who said that I could buy a new couch when we moved into our new house.

Secondly, the heater in your car has been broken for the past FOUR years. It's not my fault that global warming has suddenly been put on hold and it is now freezing cold in Georgia. I have told you several times to wear a bigger jacket and buy some gloves. It's called layering honey.
Maybe you could go and buy one of those portable heaters that plugs into the cigarette lighter like your brother had in his Dodge Intrepid in high school?

I don't care what you do....but do not tell me that you have decided that your going to put buying a couch on hold so you can fix the heater in your car. That is not going to happen Buddy! That thing has been broke for years...a couch is more important at this point and time. Plus, when we
move you don't have as far to drive in the cold. You'll survive...I promise.

Oh and by the way...I am not "spoiled" because I want a couch to sit on next week when we move. Personally, I think your spoiled because you want to fix the heat in the jeep. What about those years when I drove it in 110 degree weather and it had no air condition?

A couch will benefit both of us. Fixing the heat in your car only benefits you! Now who are you calling me spoiled?

Your unselfish Wife

P.S. Don't call me "spoiled" and then try to convince me it is a compliment. Not gonna fly!


The Popes said...

David made a big no no, huh?

What happened to the $20 couch?!?!

And that IKEA one was too cute to pass up!

Elizabeth said...

Tell him that if he can hold off putting the a new heater in the past 4 years, that he can wait alittle bit longer. It'll be spring/summer before we know it!