Thursday, July 16, 2009

As promised....

As are pictures from Olivia Kate's (OK) Nursery. The pictures aren't the best because my camera sucks, but I can say that I am in love!!!

There are a few finishing touches that need to be done. The curtains will be done in a few weeks when my mom comes down and I am looking for a few other things to hang on the walls. Other than that, it's done!

The room turned out very calming. I really like it because it has color in it, but it's calming at the same time. Especially at night with just the lamp on. The chair is so comfy!!! David wanted to move it into the living room already. I told him OK gets it for a little bit. There are also feet that go on the bottom of the dresser/changing table, but of course, they need to be painted.

I mentioned before that the only furniture that is brand new is the glider and the crib, everything else is been in the family. The bookshelf is one my grandfather made for me when I was a kid and was in my room growing up. Also, the child's table and chairs also belong to me when I was a kid. The dresser/changing table belonged to David's great-grandmother who past away a few years ago. We inherited it then and it has just been sitting around the last few years. The furniture turned out great. It took a lot of time and paint, but we ended up saving a lot of money.

So after a straight week of work, it's done. Its amazing to think that a week ago, it looked nothing like a baby's room. Once we started last Thursday, I was on a rampage to get it done and have worked on it everyday this past week. I'm so glad it's finally done!


The Popes said...

I am compelety in love with it too!!

Now I want to redo Josie's room. Or maybe I just need to have another little girl!

I am so glad you added Kate to her name! I was hoping you would!

Elizabeth said...

LOOKS AAAAA.MAZING!! I love it!! Great job...Olivia Kate will look back at her baby pictures and see what hard work her mommy put in to it! :)

Kameron said...

It looks great! That chair looks so comfy!I need to find a good glider!

The Browns said...

Her nursery is so pretty! I love it! What a cute name too :) I added you to my momma's list.
<3 Bon

Becky said...

Oh I love it! It's so adorable-love the colors, the decor, everything :)

The Popes said...

Side note: Am I allowed to bring Josie to the shower? I don't have a sitter!
I'll even dress her in some Luau gear!
But I will find one if I need to.

Jennifer said...

Your little girl's nursery is fabulous!!!! I love everything about it - and she'll love growing up in such a fun and girly room. I just finished mine like two weeks ago - the pics are on my blog somewhere. ISn't it fun getting baby things ready?!