Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Name Game

We've recently started having a discussion around our house over baby girl's name. When we decided on a name, we never specified what we were going to call her. Naturally, when people ask what we're going to name her we say both names "Olivia Kate."

So far, when we refer to her, we call her Miss Olivia. The other night while cleaning up from dinner, naturally, the conversation turns to Olivia. I noticed that when David talks about her, he has started referring to her as Olivia Kate. So I finally asked him "what are we planning on calling her?" Olivia or Olivia Kate. He replies "I like Miss Olivia."

I can see it now, her walking into her first day of kindergarten and when asked "what is your name?" Her replying (with her hand on her hip just like her momma) "Miss Olivia."

Well, I told him, I don't think that is going to fly. I'm already pretty sure that this baby girl is going to come with some sass in her, being that her momma has always been pretty sassy. Talking back & eye rolling was always my biggest problem as a child (and an adult). In fact a family member even sent me a text pic the other day of an outfit that said Sassy just like Mom on it. I don't think they were trying to be funny either.

Anyways...he said that really he wants to call her Olivia Kate. I have been thinking about how I feel about it. I have no problem with the two-name first name. I have always kinda liked it. But I just am not sure if Olivia Kate sounds weird since it is not a normal two-name first name you often hear. I guess we can always start calling her Olivia Kate and drop the Kate if needed. So all you who read my blog and never comment, it's time to start.

What should we call her Olivia or Olivia Kate?

And to those who say they read my blog but cannot comment, all you do is have to create an account. You do not have to have a blog to have an account. Go to the comment area and it will show you there how to create an account.


Elizabeth said...

I like "Olivia Kate". It flows when you say it. I'd say go for's unique, and plus when she gets older, she can always say just Olivia. :)

Tami W said...

I like Olivia Kate. And yes her mom was sassy but, no one could ask for a better daughter parent.

Tami W said...

that was to say a better daughter to parent.

The Popes said...

Andrew and I already call her Little Miss Olivia Kate! Now that's a mouth full!

There is just something about Olivia Kate that just rolls off the tounge.