Saturday, July 18, 2009

I cannot wait....

I cannot wait to wear non-maternity clothes again!!!!

It's funny because at first I was so excited to wear them because it was something new, but that is now so over. It also doesn't help that for most of my "cute" maternity clothes no longer fit. I am tired of wearing the same thing over and over again.

Oh, September, please come fast....

I did break down and buy some shoes yesterday. I had a pair like them a few years ago and wore them till they fell apart. I finally threw them away last year. When I saw these, I had to have them.

My feet haven't seemed to have gotten too much bigger. But since they are swollen right now, I pretty much stick to flip flops. I decided to go with a 1/2 size bigger just in case. I hope they fit!

And I bought these, but they were only $7.

Now that OK's room is done, my focus has shifted to getting my hospital bag ready. On the list they gave me it says to bring comfy clothes to wear home. I had been debating on what I wanted to bring. When I saw these I thought they would be perfect! They are wide leg stretchy pants. They look pretty comfy to me. Plus, I thought they might be good to wear around the house while recovering.

And then I got these to wear around the house too that first week or so.

So, that is my first purchase for clothes after pregnancy...YAY!!!!

Hopefully, the hubby will not be to mad when he reads this post. He would love to get rid of my Old Navy credit card. But I've been extremely good about not buying myself anything the past few months. I'm sorry honey! At least I didn't just hide them from you like I normally do! : )


Elizabeth said...

Yay! I'm happy for you! I can only try to imagine what that is like...although, I have always wondered just how comfortable the maternity clothes really are. I'm totally diggin' those brown slip-ons!! Way cute! I had a pair similar to those that I loved too, but Tobi chewed them to pieces when I still lived at home with dad and mom! lol.

Kameron said...

I have a hospital list I put together for my friend AFTER I didn't have what I needed with me with my first baby. I'd be happy to send it along to you if you'd like!