Monday, July 6, 2009

I have no title...

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!!

We had a great one spent with family by the pool. David's parents threw a get-together at their house for the family and a few neighbors. Aubry and I headed over there earlier in the day to get some extra pool time in. So, we basically spent our whole 4th in or by the pool.

David's dad grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs and there were plenty of sides to go with it. We ate until we were miserable. I made a flag cake per David's request and I think it was a hit. There was only a small piece left for David to take home.

We headed to our (sometimes) church to see fireworks and they put on a pretty good show with music and all. There was a little boy who was about five or six that was sitting at the car next to us who evidently has seen a few fireworks in his day. He was critiquing the fireworks the entire time and had us cracking up with his comments. He evidently was impressed with the ending because he let out a big "oh yeah" at the end. He was pretty funny.

Sorry Mom, I didn't get many pictures since we were in the pool the entire day. It's kinda hard to take pictures while lying on a float. Aubry did take one good one of the two of us and normally I just steal it, but she hasn't posted it yet. Here is one pic of me. Sorry, it's not the best since it was so dark.

28 weeks & 5days

Sunday, I was lazy ALL day. I didn't do a thing but read and watch tv. Last week was a crazy week for us and it had finally caught up with me. The best thing about busy weeks is that I can sleep at night since I'm so tired. After David got off work, we spent a much needed night with the just the two of us. We went to eat mexican and tried (for the third time) to go see Transformers, but of course, it was once again sold out and we're too old to stay up for a ten o'clock movie. Instead, we went and rented a movie to watch at home. He is off the next two days, so we're going to try again to see it.

We were supposed to head up to the beach to see my family this week, but David found out he has to attend an awards banquet on one of his off days, so our trip was canceled. Plus, I didn't think I could take that much driving in a two day time span. So we're staying home and pool sitting for a friend. Of course, it is raining now....go figure.

So that is the low-down on our 4th of July weekend. Hope everyone had a great 4th!

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