Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harry Potter & The Oreo

Well, we made it to see Harry Potter yesterday afternoon. I have to be honest, I have mixed feelings on it. The movie was a good movie, but I felt like it was lacking something....an ending maybe? I have read all the books and I know how everything plays out. I know that each book leads up to the next, but I felt like the movie had no ending, it seemed like it was just a lead up to the last two movies (the 7th book will be divided into two movies I've heard) which will not come out for at least another two years or more. This is probably making no sense, but the first five movies to me seemed like they had some kinda ending to them and lead up to the next movie all at the same time. I'm sure y'all are all completely confused now. The hubby agreed with me on this, so at least someone gets my point. Thankfully we're cheap and only paid matinee price.

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Last night after dinner, we had a lazy night of watching tv and like any 7 & 1/2 month pregnant woman, I started craving something chocolate. Last week at the grocery store, I broke down and bought a package of oreos. This is a big deal because I usually NEVER buy stuff like this. I always believe in theory that if it's not in the house, then we won't eat it, so I hardly ever buy any junk food. I have even been pretty good and stuck to this while pregnant. So, last night at 9pm when I start thinking about these wonderful oreos in the cabinet, I eventually pull myself off the couch (not an easy task now) to get some. I go in kitchen, pour me a glass of milk, and open up the oreo package....there is only ONE freakin oreo in the package!!!!!!!!! Only One!!! Who would be so mean to eat the entire package of oreo's and leave one? I was so mad at David. He claims he didn't eat them all but there are only two people in this house. I thought back and in the last week, I had only seven cookies, he ate the rest of the double stuffed goodness. Talk about depressing, but I ate my one single oreo and drank my glass of milk. It wasn't so much the fact he ate all the oreo's, I was more upset about the fact he ate all but one. It was nothing but a tease. Seriously, who leaves just one?


Elizabeth said...

Hahaha, "Ok, Mike Thomas!" That sounds just like him! lol.

Kameron said...

I have mixed feelings about the lone Oreo. I don't know if I'd be madder if I wen to eat them and there were none or one left. At least you got a taste! Still, my advice is to hide the treats!
y hubby always eats them all!

Jen said...

I felt the same way about Harry Potter. I am a huge fan of the books and movies and I thought book 6 was awesome, especially since the ending brought me to tears. But that whole end scene, which was SO SAD in the book, fell short somehow in the movie :-( I know...I am a complete HP nerd. I admit it :-) Oh and BOO to one oreo! That is just wrong!

The Browns said...

Hey Amber! You are so sweet! I really hope they can tell the sex today. I couldn't sleep last night. Becky is sleeping with me in our bed, haha. I'm on my laptop in bed & she is "zonked" out!
Oh, we saw Harry Potter too & I thought it was okay. We got the book set in the other day & I really want to read the books.
Have a fab day!

jeck said...

got here from Kelly's blog and I totally agree on Harry Potter... When the credits started rolling I just sat there waiting for them to say oops we started the credits too soon here is the rest of the movie... I felt cheated!! Oh well!! Have a great weekend!