Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Wednesdays

  • Today we were supposed to head to the pool with the Pope's, but it has ended up being a rainy day in Georgia. It has actually turned out to be nice just hanging out and being lazy together while the rain pours outside. The only downside is our yard gets cut on Wednesdays and now it will be a few days before the yard people get out here.
  • I have started getting my hospital bag ready. I have my list the hospital gave me and a experienced mom list that Kameron sent me (I will be happy to send it along if anyone needs one). I have a few other things to pick up, but it's mostly together now and sitting next to Olivia's car seat.
  • This weekend, my sister Liz asked how it feel being pregnant? One word...Uncomfortable. I am definitely at that point now that I'm tired of being pregnant. I don't want to rush her, but I'm ready for it to be over with. I now understand why women in the third trimester always look's because they are. Plus, we are as ready as can be for her arrival, so I think that also adds to the eagerness.
  • I've started working on my thank you notes from the shower. It has made me realize that I hate writing thank you notes. I always feel like what I'm writing sounds dorky.
  • We're praying for some good news this week. Back in May, David learned that anyone in management would be taking a pay cut. Sadly, it ended up being a 35% pay cut. Luckily, for us we could still pay all our bills (with me staying home) and it just meant less money to be saved and not much money for fun stuff. There has been a big hoopla over this pay cut and last week a emergency meeting was called by the big wigs to fix this problem. We are supposed to find out the details of what the new pay will be this week. We're praying that things work out for the better.
  • Between family in town, three birthdays to celebrate, and the shower, we have done nothing but eat out for the past week. I told David that I was to the point that absolutely nothing sounds good anymore. I finally made it to the store this morning and we'll finally be eating a home cooked meal tonight.
  • I know I've said this already, but I am still overwhelmed with the generosity that was giving to us over the weekend. I could not believe how much stuff we received for Olivia Kate. We only had to pick up a few more things, but it was all covered with returned items or gift cards. We went yesterday to pick up the last few things and we even had some $ left on a gift card. That of course, will be saved for some needed things in the future. Thank you again everyone for all you did!


Kameron said...

It is so hard toward the end. If you knew the exact day i think it would be easier, but since it is never exact the guessing game part of it makes you more anxious! Just try to stay comfortable, that is the worst part about being pregnant through a hot humid summer. I'm glad the list I sent helped! :o)

The Popes said...

Come on new pay plan!!!