Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm in trouble...

I am a horrible wife (not really), but last week Nicole posted about Andrew winning an award and I failed to post about David's award.

Sorry Hubby...I love you!

David got the award for The Best Target Overall. What that means is that every week they have several numbers they have to hit and when those numbers are averaged together, that is your target. If you hit your target or lower than that's a good thing, anything above is bad. David's average is -1.94% below his target. Which is awesome in Waffle House world.

I have to brag a little the waffle house pyramid, he is in a area with 30 stores, he runs three of those stores. Since he was placed in his district a year ago, he has remained the #1 or #2 district in his area for the entire year. There is only one other lady that he keeps battling with and every few weeks they just seem to switch the #1 spot. So out of ten other districts, he is always #1 or #2.

Congrats Dave! You work every hard and deserve the recognition. I'm so proud of you!!!


The Popes said...

At least his is a real award!

Elizabeth said...

Way to go David!!! :) So proud of you!!!

The Popes said...

I had a dream last night that Andrew turned down his promotion!

I think Waffle House is taking over my thoughts!

Amber said...

Ha...that's funny. Actually, David turned down his first promotion offer because they told him to. The first one offered was Sam's but they wanted him to take the one he has now, so they told him to turn it down. It all worked out best in the end.

When it starts taking over your thoughts and all your conversations, you know your a waffle house wife!

Oh and David got his first indiscretion last week...they said he was sleeping with an waitress at one of his stores. It turned out to be a mix up and not him they were talking about...he's nowhere near Andrew's five at one time though! When I found out who it was, I just said please pick someone better than that!