Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dear Wal-mart....

Dear Wal-mart of Gtown,

I would have to ask that you please remove Janice from the register. She literally is the slowest person I have ever seen. A person has to try to move that slow. She moves at a pace that she would be much better at the fitting rooms returning items that are out of place rather than at a cash register in which a 7 and 1/2 month pregnant lady has to stand in line for over 3o minutes with only one person in front of her (its not good for the cankles). Yes, she moves that slow. Also, I believe that Janice was absent on the day that the cashiers were trained on coupons. Please advise her that with today's technology, she doesn't have to read and study every coupon. All she has to do is scan the coupon and if its no good, then the register will reject it. Please explain this to her, I think the fact she felt the need to study all 20 coupons, one by one, contributed to the fact of why her line was not moving.



Elizabeth said...

Girl, you are to funny!!

Where do you get these lovely layouts??

Kameron said...

I popped over from Nicole's blog and thought this post was hilarious!! I'm pregnant too, and we do not like waiting that long for anything! Odds are in a 30 minute time span we will have to pee at some point!