Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Charmer strikes again!

You would not believe the conversation that we just had.

We have become addicted to the tv show 16 and pregnant. Yes, it's sad, we're 27 and watching MTV. Anyways...

We're watching 16 and pregnant and the midwife is describing labor to the young girl who is about to have a baby. She describes it like this "pushing out a baby is like pushing out poop."

Of course, this sets the hubby off. Anything relating to poop or farts is hilarious to my husband. So he informs me "I know something about that, I might be a better coach than you think."

I have to start laughing at that. Then he goes to open his mouth and I already know what is going to come out.

All I'm going to say is that if he even attempts to scream "Who does #2 work for?" in the delivery room, that I will pick up the nearest needle and stab him.

I told y'all my husband was a charmer.


Elizabeth said...

Hahaha!! He's soooo hilarious! I watch that too!

The Popes said...

Andrew still has him beat with,
"What's wrong with your face?" as his hello to me.

Amber said...

They hang around each other too much...maybe that is where they both get it from?

mrs.leah.maria said...

OH MY GOSH! He would so be deserving of a beat down if he said that, but it would be perfect timing lol!

Jennifer said...

I am a big 16 and pregnant fan too. I love that show! I can't wait for the finale - I know I"ll cry everywhere.

Your husband sounds like a funny guy. (O:

Kameron said...

The sad part about the midwife's description is that it's true! Why do boys love the word poop...or in my 2 year old's lingo it's "pooooopies!" (Followed by hysterical laughter...every time.)